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In ancient Scandinavian sagas it was mentioned as Gardarika, "the realm of towns". The most ancient Russian towns such as Izborsk (852), Pskov (903), Velikiye Luki (1156), Porkhov (1239) are located in the Pskov region. The Pskov Kremlin is a gem of ancient Russian architecture — it is the symbol of the city which was never conquered by the enemy.

Pskov location on the border with the Livonian Order required the construction of more than ten fortresses near Pskov. The ancient fortresses of Izborsk, Porkhov, Gdov have survived to this day. The Pechory fortress houses the monastery dating back to the 15th century.

Its location on the trading routes, on the Velikaya River linked with the Baltic Sea by numerous rivers and lakes, ensured its role as a centre of international trade. Although it was not the member of the medieval Hanzeatic League, it entered New Hanza of modern time. In 2019 Pskov is going to host the international Hanzeatic Days.

Pskov’s independent character revealed itself in a unique architectural style with the churches of the 15th-16th centuries as best examples and the style of icon painting. Pskov masons even were invited to build the Kazan Kremlin and churches in Moscow.

Modern Pskov has kept its appealing image of a cozy provincial centre rich in architectural monuments and park areas. Both tourists and local people enjoy walking in the Kremlin, Dovmont Town, the embankments of the Velikaya and Pskova Rivers.

The absence of industrial-scale manufacture has created a beneficial ecological situation in the Pskov region. The fourth largest lake in Europe Chudskoye Lake (Peipus) is located here as well as Sebezhsky and Polistovsky natural reserves, unique Slovensky Springs.

Come to visit us and see for yourselves!

We offer:

  • Reception of tourists, group and individual tours
  • Visa support
  • Accommodation in the hotels of Pskov and the Pskov region
  • Countryside hotel Pleskov, our recreation property

We value our guests and do our best to make their stay comfortable.

Our motto is "Reliability, safety, quality of rest".

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Welcome to Pskov, an ancient city with a history of 1100 years!

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