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Event calendar

Christmas Holidays
You will definitely enjoy Christmas holidays in Pskov! In Pskov and its suburbs you will see the creating of the Snowy Town, snowball fights, best snowman contest, ice sculptures, folk craft fairs, foretune-telling, Russian Christmas traditions, Christmas-songs, sliding and having fun during Christmas holidays.
·         In Pskov – the Oktyabrskaya square, the Finnish Park, the Botanic Garden, Prikaznaya Palata, Museum Quarter
·         Izborsk
·         Pushkin Hills, museum complex “Bugrovo”
·         Estates Vechasha and Lyubensk of the composer Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

The All-Russia Pushkin Theatre Festival
Pushkin`s literary works presented by the professional theatres of Russia and other countries.
·         Pskov, the Pskov Academic Drama Theatre named after A.Pushkin;
·         Pushkin Hills, Science and Culture Centre.

The All-Russia Holiday Maslenitsa
Maslenitsa is one of the city`s biggest annual events. Maslenitsa signals the exit of winter and heralds the coming of spring. Folk festival, hot pancakes, folk craft fair, sleigh rides, ice-hole bathes, and finally the Russian jack-straw burning.
·         Pskov
·         Izborsk
·         Pushkin Hills, museum  complex “Bugrovo”
·         Plussky district, estates Vechasha and Lyubensk of the composer Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

Military And Historical Festival “The Battle On Ice”
The reconstruction of the famous battle between the troops of Alexander Nevsky and the Livonian knights on the ice of the Peipsi Lake enables the spectators to feel like an eyewitness of the glorious battle dating back to 1242. Place: Samolva village, the Gdov district.
Russian Balalaika Festival
Folk music parade. You can learn to play balalaika and take part in funny contests.Places:Pskov, The Pskov Region Philarmony, The Pskov Region Art College named after Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, The Novorzhev District.
It`s  an exciting sport event which gathers together masters of motosport from different parts of Russia and from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belorus. Place: Pskov, Vaulyny Hills

International Festival “Gardarika” (“Country Of The Towns”) 01-03/05
The program focuses on the topic “ Ancient Fortresses”. The invited cities and settlements present their culture and artistic talents. Place: Pskov
The Museum Day  (“The Open Door Day”) 18/05 
The interactive performance in the Pskov Museum Preserve and its branches. Today you can see all the collections of the museums free of charge.Place: Pskov and districts of the Pskov Region.
Slavonc Literature And Culture Day  24/05
The event is developed to Saint Cyril and Methodius, the first masters of the Slavonic people, creators of the Slavonic alphabet.Place: Pskov, the Pskov Kremlin

The All Russia Pushkin Poetry Festival 03-05/06
National handicraft workshops and sales accompanied by traditional culinary delights, folk music, costumes of the Pushkin`s days. Meeting the heroes of the Pushkin`s fairytales is a big joy for children. Famous actors, musicians, poets and writers, painters are usual guests at the festival.
·         Pushkin Hills, Museum-Preserve “Mikhaylovskoye”
·         Pskov, The Pskov Academy Drama Theatre named after Alexander Pushkin, The Pskov Region Philarmony.
The Velikie Luki International Balloon Meet 06-15/06
Dozen of multicolored hot air balloons fly up in the sky. The top-rank air-crews of Russia and foreign countries take in the show.
·         Velikie Luki
Russian Song Festival 10-13/06
The big event with concerts of the Russian vocal groups.
Place:  Pskov
The Festival For Divers And Harpooners 11-13/06
Fascinating contests for divers, harpooners and photographers at the Beloye (White) Lake, one of the purest and the most beautiful lakes in the Pskov region. Place: Pustoshka district, the Beloye Lake
Square Dance Festival 18-19/06
The event bringing music, rhythms, dance together into one evening. Place: Pskov
The Isaborg Festival 18-19/06
Epoch of Viking in early medieval will make a reality in Izborsk. One enters a real medieval city with its culture and traditions. You can see how the people nurse babies, bake bread, make clothes and utensils. You can take part in an age-old board game, try yourself with ranged medieval weapon of your own or see the storming of the fortress. Place: Pechory district, Izborsk

Towns Akin Festival 02-03/07
Exclusive festival for sister-cities of Pskov. You will see the parade of the cities, national fashion shows, concerts, national handicraft sales. There is a special offer of the national cuisines in the cafes and restaurants of Pskov. Place: Pskov
St. John The Baptist`S Day 06-07/07
Magic night full of mysterious far-back rituals and folk fun. The traditions go back to the early times and include flowers and gathering, houses decorating, jack-straw burning and jumping over the bonfire.
·         Pechory district, Izborsk
·         Porkhov
Fish Day In Pskov 11-13/07
Contests for the biggest fish, Russian fish-soup “Ukha”, underwater hunting and a “BIG FISHING CONTEST” will give much fun to the true fishing fans. Recreation centers of the Pskov Region offer an exciting fishing with all Russian  traditions. Place: Pskov and districts of the Pskov Region
The Pskov City Days 21-24/07
Pskov turns into one big celebration stage with folk festivals, exhibitions, shows and fabulous salute.International Opera Festival. Amazing show of the top-level opera, theatres of Russia and other countries.Contemporary Art Festival. Best fashion designers, hair-stylists, musicians and dancers show their talents at the stages of Pskov.Flower Festival “ Color Dreams”. The program includes flower exhibition “ With Love to the city” concerts, flower shows and much more. True design fans and followers can take part in seminars and workshops.International Folk Festival. Folk groups from Russia, Belarus and Baltic countries take part in the festival. Place: Pskov

The Town Of Iron Festival 13-14/08
Reconstruction of a militarized medieval town, staging battles between the Russia warriors and the European knights, storming of the fortress and fascinating tournaments. Place: Pechory district, Izborsk
Organ Music Festival 13-14/08
Organ Music Festival in the Lutheran church in Pechory.Place: Pechory ditrict, Pechory
Contemporary Art Loft Festival 13-14/08
Concerts, performances, contemporary art exhibitions. Place: Pskov
Blacksmith Festival “The Scobar Day”  21-23/08
Here you can see not only the way the blacksmith does his work but also make a nail or a horseshoe yourself, take part in the contest of athletes and get a special title of The Real Skobar. Place: Pskov
Dormition Of Virgin Mary Day 28/08
Dormition of Virgin Mary Day is celebrated in the Pskov-Pechory Holy Dormition Monastery. On this date a long road of flowers is laid out, ceremonial public liturgies and religious procession around the monastery take place. Place: Pechory
International Festival Of The Small Nation Of Seto “Setomaa. Family Meetings”  28/08
Representatives of the small nation oа Seto, art-groups from Russia and Estonia participate in the festival.Place:  Seto Museum, Sigovo village, Pechory district

Crescendo Music Festival
Crescendo is a unique annual forum of the best representatives of the younger generation of the Russian musicians. The main purpose of the festival is to show the intergenerational continuity and the power of the Russian classical performing school. The participants of the festival are the laureates of the  prestigious international musical contests. They give concerts at the best concert halls all over the world. Among them there is the world-known pianist, the art-director of the festival Denis Matsuev. Place: Pskov

Pskov Tea-Party Festival 10/09
Festival is dedicated to harvesting. The program focuses on agriculture fair and autumn gifts exposition.Place: Pskov
Architecture Projects Exhibition
The most interesting works of design institutes, architecture studios and architects. Place: Pskov
International festival-Contest Of The Polychord Folk Instruments Performers  01-05/10
The city is filled  up with music performed by talented musicians on gusli (psaltery). Cymbals and other instruments. You can enjoy a nice music and learn much about national polychord folk instruments of different countries. Place: Pskov
More than 100 real fans of motorcycling show their skills on the hilly roads of the Vauliny Hills. Place: Pskov, Vaulyny Hills.

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