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“Континент” Прием в Пскове“Континент” Прием в Пскове


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About Us

Continent-tour Ltd. (Federal Register of Touroperators number МТЗ 005864) – one of the largest tour operators in Pskov would like to offer you our tour services for foreign tourists in the ancient Russian city of Pskov.

Pskov has always attracted people.

For years Pskov is been considered as a famous medieval city and has always been a conglomeration of monasteries and remains such. It is often referred to as an open-air museum –literally every building is connected to an important historical event or person. More than 300 monuments of architecture of the 12th to 20th centuries have survived until the present day. The Mirozhsky Monastery of the Transfiguration in Pskov is the first such cloister and one of the most ancient architectural monuments of the city: it dates back to 1156. The monastery is famous for its unique frescos of the 12 century.

Pskov is a unique fortress city and has become a favorite spot to hold all sorts of international historical and folklore festivals. Some of those have already become traditional, for example “The battle on Ice” in April – the reconstruction of the famous battle between the troops of Alexander Nevsky and the Livonian knight on the ice of the Peipsi Lake or “The Town of Iron” – reconstruction of a militarized medieval town, staging battles between the Russia warriors and the European knights, storming of the fortress and fascinating tournaments.

The Pskov region is situated at the South-West of Russia and borders to Estonia, Latvia and Belarus. Pskov was built somewhat 290 km southwest of St. Petersburg and 800 km far from Moscow, 360 km – Tallinn and 300 km – Riga.

Today, in Pskov region there are a lot of functioning cloisters and another few non-functioning but accessible through guided tours. They all are located in picturesque landscapes and are fine monuments of architecture and history.

The Pskov Region is one of the most environmentally safe in Russia. A clean environment contributes to the lack of a developed network of industrial enterprises, the rich natural resources, a large number of protected areas. It is an incredulously scenic land of forest lakes and the purest air. Pskov is called a “land of thousand lakes”. And that is so indeed. The lakes are true decoration to the land! Take the Pskov- Peipsi Lake alone-one of the largest in Europe, a true miracle of Russia! Lakes: big and small, lost in the deeps and climbing hills to overlook the domains around.

Also Pskov is famous for its health centers –resort Khilovo 80 km far from Pskov and resort Cheryokha in the Pskov district, both located in the most picturesque sceneries, both known for their therapeutic muds.

Our company is one of the largest companies to receive tourists in Pskov. Our key partners are such major tourist companies in Russia, as the “Neva”, “Labyrinth”, “Orient”, Alean”, MULTITUR”, “SNP”, “Solvex”, which trust us to organize the rest of their tourists. That indicates high level of reliability and professionalism of our service. Our expert managers have built a unique product range and is keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of the modern travel.

Our main services:
- excursions and all kind of incoming services;
- a guaranteed schedule of combined groups;
- accommodation in Pskov and Pskov region;
- our privately owned countryside hotel “Pleskov”;
- organizing conferences, seminars and negotiations;
- carrying out of banquets, stand-up meal, celebrations;
- health-improving tours;
- personal tours and VIP services;

Our company dedicated to providing a complete and reliable ground handling service, no matter how large or small, simple or complex a tour may be.

We appreciate our visitors and are willing to do anything to their vacation was enjoyable. Attention to details and customer service are the principal contributors to our success.

Our company slogan: “The reliability, security, quality of rest “.

Travel agency «Continent»
Russia, Pskov
Oktyaborskiy avenue 46, Rigskiy avenue 96
Phone/fax: +7 8112 29-34-74, +7 8112 700-780
E-mail: tourvpskov@yandex.ru